InstantTrack is now free to download!

Download InstantTrack 1.50 (final released version)

Download InstantTrack 1.55 Upgrade (most recent beta version)


  1. Download both zip files at the links above.
  2. Unzip IT150.zip first, into a directory of your choice, usually C:\IT.
  3. Optionally, unzip IT155up.zip into the same directory, allowing it to overwrite the old files.
  4. Refer to the documentation files to learn how to configure InstantTrack for your station and update Keplerian elements.

A note about file formats

InstantTrack was traditionally delivered in self-extracting executable archive files. Nowadays (2019), such files are likely to be blocked by malware protection software, so we have fallen back to using plain ZIP files. You'll need a program that can unzip these files.

InstantTrack is now free to download, use, and distribute. Until February 2019, InstantTrack was distributed by AMSAT organizations world-wide as a fund-raiser. 100% of proceeds from InstantTrack went to support the amateur radio satellite program.

Last updated 20 February 2019. Comments to kb5mu@amsat.org

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