Drawing Class – Week 8

For our penultimate class session (with no corresponding homework assignment, to leave us time to work on the final project) we touched on portraiture.

As demanded by tradition, we started by drawing skulls. We’d draw a profile, a three-quarter view, and a front view of the skull, in whatever order we could get the angles on the two model skulls. The last drawing would then serve as a reference for a portrait from life of a classmate. We weren’t to waste time on drawing the teeth. Even so, time seemed very short to accurately sketch and then render each view.

I got a three-quarter view first.


Then the profile.


Finally the front view. I can’t show you that skull, though. It disappeared beneath the live portrait.

The skulls were based on a white male. My portrait subject was an lovely Asian female with quite different proportions. I solved this problem by toning the paper a middle gray first, which essentially obliterated the skull drawing which was supposed to serve as the bones of the portrait.


I didn’t get as far as most of the others. I had a fairly decent nose nicely drawn, but it wasn’t really her nose, so I had to redo it. I also had to reshape the face. Her face is pretty broad, but I think I was afraid to draw it that broad for fear of ending up with an caricature. When I ran out of time, the right eye was just a sketch and the left eye (partly obscured by hair) wasn’t even started.

No homework this week. Final projects and presentations due next week.

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