Drawing Class – Week 6

In the sixth class we continued with crosshatching.

Pia set up another bunch of objects for us to draw.


The objects were mostly white. It’s tough to get convincing light grays out of a Sharpie.

Like most of the drawings done during class time, this one is unfinished. The big arch is a piece of corrugated conduit tubing, which would be a much stronger graphical element if I’d had time to shade it, for instance.

However, notice that this is the first drawing we’ve done from observation that isn’t just an outline. So, we must be ready for the final project, right? Pia showed some examples and gave us our final project assignment. Two drawings, connected in content and done from observation using any combination of materials we’ve used in class. Also, an in-class presentation using three or more example drawings to discuss your strengths and weaknesses. Three weeks left.

The homework assignment was to pick four or five objects that vary in shape and scale, make up a composition with a directed light source, showing the ground plane. Then draw it as a value study using crosshatching. Pia wrote “This drawing will take time and patience.” Yup.


Homework 6. Grade: A. Pia’s comment: Very nice! I have a slight problem with the shape of the helmet coming off the edge – somehow doesn’t feel quite the right size & shape for this grouping, but it might just be me!

I didn’t try to use the “Fine” Sharpie for the homework. We were given flexibility to choose just about anything penlike, so I picked a 0.7mm pigment liner pen. I feared one pen might not finish the project, so I bought all five they had at Artist and Craftsman Supply. Good thing, too, because it took four pens to finish this drawing. I like the finer line, though. It’s much more forgiving of small slips while crosshatching.


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