Near the Ground at Balboa Park

I found myself at Balboa Park yesterday, because the museum store at MoPA was having a closing-down-for-renovation sale. It was an absolutely perfect day at the park, thanks to a warm Santa Ana wind blowing in from the desert. Besides purchasing a stack of photography books at up to 70% off, I happened upon an open rehearsal of the San Diego Youth Symphony and thoroughly enjoyed lurking at the back of the room while they worked on music for a concert on Feb 15. I even recorded a few bits of it on my iPhone, and the recordings came out surprisingly well, considering.

At the rest break in the middle of the rehearsal, I went to my car and swapped the two heavy bags of books for one heavy camera bag. After rehearsal, I wandered around the park a bit and made a few pictures. Not as many as a typical Balboa Park photo shoot. When I examined the pictures today, I discovered there was a recurring theme in most of them: they show people near the ground.

Since any photography can be turned into Art by sufficient explication, the existence of this theme is crucial to the artistic integrity of my new short subject, Near the Ground at Balboa Park.

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