System Requirements

In order to run InstantTrack 1.50 or 1.55, you need:

Basic Requirements:


Speed Requirements:

InstantTrack is fast enough to work well on literally any PC. Quite a bit of the original testing was done on an XT class computer, an 8088 at 4.77  MHz. If you have a very old computer, a numeric coprocessor (8087, 80287, 80387) is recommended but not required.

InstantTrack also works fine on the fastest modern computers. Extensive testing was done on a Pentium III Xeon at 933 MHz (which was a super fast computer in those days).

OS Compatibility:

InstantTrack is still a DOS program.

Recent versions of Windows (7, 8, 10) have dropped support for seamlessly running old 16-bit DOS programs like InstantTrack. It is still possible to run InstantTrack on these systems. The most straightforward way is to run it in a virtual machine or emulator configured to run DOS. The free program DOSBox is a good choice.

Under older versions of Windows, or under other DOS environments, you may be able to run InstantTrack with a few caveats:

Depending on your video hardware and video drivers, InstantTrack's graphics screen may not run in a window on your desktop. The text screens should work fine in a window, and all screens should work fine when run full-screen. (Tip: if you want to run maps in a window, try setting your desktop to use 800x600 graphics.)

InstantTrack is designed to make use of DOS-style TSR drivers for automatic antenna rotators and automatic frequency control of radio transceivers. These drivers are likely to have real-time requirements that may not be satisfied under Windows or other environments. You may be able to get them to work, but proceed with caution. You may need to tune the DOS window settings to achieve reliable operation. These configurations are not supported by the InstantTrack authors.

Palmtop Operation:

Some palmtop computers have displays that are smaller than 80 columns by 25 rows. InstantTrack won't work properly on those machines.

Windows CE palmtop computers don't run DOS programs natively, but there is (or was) a program called XT-CE that allows a Windows CE palmtop to run some DOS programs. InstantTrack has been tested under XT-CE and it seems to work fine (in CGA mode). Set DOS to load high in UMB memory.

Many palmtop computers are not DOS compatible at all. InstantTrack won't run on those.


InstantTrack will run under many DOS emulation environments. For example, it runs fine under Mac OS X using the free emulator dosbox, which can be installed easily using Fink or Homebrew.

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