Day 6: Redwood City, Palo Alto

This day was a "down" day in the schedule. No major attractions planned, no deadlines to meet. We slept late (until noon for Paul), late enough that the hotel maids had quit for the day before we took down the "do not disturb" signs. When we finally got moving, we headed to a place Ellen found in a brochure, called "Give Pizza Chance".

The obligatory eating portrait outside Give Pizza Chance.

Lacking any better plan, we went into the Stanford Center, which is a shopping mall. Turns out there was an evening jazz concert in the plaza there, featuring two child prodigies. We sat on a convenient patch of grass, which turned out to be too far from the stage to hear very well, but we had stopped at Haagen Dasz so we didn't mind.


Next to us sat down a couple with this exceedingly cute little dog, a Japanese Chen (or something like that). It was very friendly, and had lovely soft fur.

It liked ice cream. Totally spoiled.

She liked the ice cream too.

We matched, without any prior coordination.

Back in the hotel room for an email fix.

Julie is waiting for her email fix.

Then we'd planned to watch The Matrix on the on-demand pay-per-view video system in the hotel room. It turns out to be on-demand only for the first customer. Everybody else is offered the chance to join the movie in progress (for the full price) or wait until it ends (and rewinds!) to order. It was too late to wait, so we watched another movie (I think it was called Forces of Nature) which wasn't already running. Meanwhile Paul worked on catching up the web pages.

Tomorrow, Stanford.

Copyright 1999 Paul Williamson